"I appreciated the pre-planning which helped make the entire move go smoothly. The movers had to stair carry everything in the new location, but no one complained. They were pleasant and did everything with a smile. I expected to be operational 2 weeks after the move, but it only took 2 days. I had worked smaller moves with other companies, but none compared to this large move. The move couldn't have gone smoother. Office Movers, Inc.- Healthcare Services will be the first to call if I ever need moving services in the future. "
Administrative Office Manager
Delaware Hospice
""I did not know Office Movers, Inc. provided Tech Services and was very happy with the work of the team.The account manager was very attentive. He emailed me during the 3 days of the move, and called to make sure everything went as planned. Everything arrived safely, and the move was completed hours before I expected. The space was left clean and neat.  I would definitely use Office Movers, Inc. - Tech Services if the need arose in the future." "
Practice Administrator
Maryland Sports Medicine
"I had conducted at least a half dozen moves, and I was not looking forward to this one. I was stunned at how smoothly it ran. The movers were friendly and made the experience a light-hearted one. I was accustomed to other movers coming late and complaining about having to move heavy items, but these office went straight to work and did what they had to do with humor.  No one complained about the hard work.  My boss was complimentary; and I sent an email to our Account Manager, expressing my thanks for a job well done by Office Movers, Inc. "
Management Associate
MD Department of Juvenile Services
"The techs were wonderful. They worked well with last minute changes when office numbers were changed or when the client was not ready to be moved. Kane Tech Services were timely and efficient. "
Facilities Manager
FHI Development 360, LLC
"I had used Office Movers, Inc. Tech Services on previous jobs and was satisfied with the work. For this project the techs disconnected close to 200 PCs and had them running by 8:00 the following morning. "
Project Manager
T. Rowe Price
"The IT department was very skeptical about allowing Kane Tech Services to work with the equipment. Office Movers, Inc.’s account manager and a representative from management met with the IT team and put their fears to rest.  Tech Services gave the department excellent service. "
Director of Office Services & Property Management
National School Boards Association
"The techs disconnected desktops and phones and were later asked to de-rack and re-rack servers, a task that was not in the original scope.  I felt that the Tech Services crew went above and beyond. "
Associate Vice President of Operations
Mortgage Bankers Association
"Everything was great! I still can’t believe that the actual moving was so easy! Thank you again! "
Practice Administrator
Maryland Sports Medicine Center
"From the estimate to the final phone call to come and pick up the empty bins, it has been nothing but a professional and pleasant experience.  We will highly recomment you to others in the community. " Read more (PDF) »
Practice Administrator
Rockville Associates, P.C.
"Kane Distribution is doing an excellent job. Your company is always very professional and eager to work outside the box. "
Project Manager