"Office Movers, Inc. moved the Prince Frederick Library a few years ago and we were very happy with their Library Relocation Services Team; and, therefore, I did not request any bids for this move. My colleague and I were on-site during the move and were pleased with the results. "
Calvert Library
"A lawyer for the organization referred Office Movers, Inc. to our CEO. I think another company may have been suggested in the beginning, but my staff knew Office Movers, Inc. could do the job faster and with the short notice. I was surprised to see the large number of movers but realized the teamwork, with each person responsible for a station, made the work go quickly. This was the smoothest move I have ever experienced. "
Senior Director of Operations
National Urban League
"Moving is a stressful project, but there were no surprises and no stress during this move. Everyone worked well and were highly professional. "
Genesis Security Systems, LLC
"The installers were efficient and on-point. They disassembled the modular furniture and reassembled it in another arrangement with a minimum amount of disruption. I was very pleased with their work. "
Accounting Manager
Avineon, Inc
"The installers assembled my desk according to the architect's directions; however, the architect's had measured it incorrectly, and the installers had to take it apart, move it, reassemble it again so that it would fit in the space. They were very patient and made sure I was satisfied with the new configuration after they finished. I was extremely grateful that they took the time to do their work correctly. In the past, I have been disappointed with numerous vendors who I worked with because they did not do what they had promised. It was refreshing to see that Office Installers Inc. did exactly what they told us they would do. "
Branch Administrator
"I appreciated everyones professionalism, timeliness and friendliness. The installers dismantled 55 work stations, and I was especially pleased that they left the space very clean. Overall, I was happy with the work of Office Installers, Inc. "
Office Administrator
Pepco Energy Services
"’The project manager double checked so that everything was done. He was on time and kept me updated on the progress of the move.  The purchasing department recommended your team, and I have been working with the account manager for about a year. I continue to be very happy with the services I receive. "
Facilities Manager
Kaiser Permanente
"The project manager was a terrific leader who was quiet and efficient. The project had to be done quickly, and she met our expectations in preparing us for the move. We were amazed at the supervision and industriousness of the crew. No one had to push them. They were very organized and listened well to directions. "
Seton Medical Group, Inc.
"Vendor/Customer relations are a very big issue at UMH. Our administration takes a great deal of time to assure we only get the best fit vendors for UMH. All I have heard from our employees involved in the project was how polite, organized, and efficient the crew is. I have heard nothing but compliments from our staff about how pleased they are. I just wanted to let Kane Healthcare Relocation know how much UMH appreciates your staff. "
Facilities Director
MedStar - Union Memorial Hospital
"Out of 5 bids, I chose Office Movers, Inc. for pricing, ability to negotiate, and services provided. The prep, move, and set up in the new space worked like clockwork and appeared to be easily handled by the effective team. Everyone was pleasant and smiled during the entire move.  Everything went extremely well, and the staff was ready for business on Monday morning. The service was amazing. "
Vice President of Operations
Heart of America Foundation