Project Management

Hands-on, involved Project Management is a distinguishing characteristic of the Kane Company approach to every project we perform or manage. From the granular level to a global overview, our professional team is positioned to provide comprehensive direction, immediate response and informed guidance designed to move aproject to its ultimate successful conclusion. Whether planning a relocation in a sensitive healthcare environment or organizing the distribution of high-value electronics, mapping an installation of modular office systems or managing the delivery of new hotel furnishings, Kane has the experienced Team ready to step in as your trusted partner.

Kane Project Management Services are designed to perform comprehensive project planning and management services for all areas of our business. We will provide a principal advisor and experienced leader who will verify objectives are met on-time, within budget and, most importantly, with minimal business interruption. We recognize strong planning and management of each project will determine the successful outcome and is dependent on the ability to closely communicate, integrate resources, provide solutions and work collaboratively with each team member to achieve defined goals. We offer a comprehensive approach engineered to drive success for every project.


Service areas include:

  • Office Relocation on a Local, National and Worldwide scale
  • Modular Office Furniture Installation and Reconfiguration
  • Secure Warehousing and Storage both Long Term and Short Term
  • Asset Inventory Management
  • Environmentally Responsible Furniture Liquidation
  • Worldwide Distribution Services
  • Special Products and Commodities
  • Document Shredding
  • Archives Management and Storage
  • Desktop Technology Disconnect/Reconnect Service
  • Library Relocation Management to include Integration, Cleaning and Restoration
  • Healthcare Relocation and Transition Logistics Services.

The success of each project is driven by our ability to plan and manage all significant aspects of the project simultaneously while leveraging accumulated experience handling large scope projects.  We will provide consistency of process and service while maintaining an integrated project plan.


Key elements of project management include:

  • Leadership to efficiently deploy staff and resources, ensure quality and timeliness, and communicate effectively with customer
  • Project planning and scheduling to streamline workflow, anticipate needs, and manage risks
  • Performance monitoring and measurement using earned value management and other techniques
  • Program integration to consolidate resources and messages and incorporate new priorities and initiatives
  • Assessment, identification of lessons learned, and other project closeout activities


Kane Project Managers Role

Plan, direct, and coordinate activities of complex project assignments which may include multiple facilities or widespread geographic locations and which may occur over an extended period of time or in multiple phases.  Ensure that goals or objectives of project are accomplished within both the prescribed time frame and the previously identified funding parameters by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate supervisors.


Responsibilities include:

  • Review project proposals to determine time frame, procedures for accomplishing project, staffing requirements, and allotment of available resources and equipment to various phases of project.
  • Establish work plan and staffing for each phase of project and coordinate assignment of project personnel.
  • Confer with senior project staff to outline work plan and to assign duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority.
  • Communicate and work closely with appropriate personnel from other Kane Companies to effectively leverage all related services.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of project personnel to ensure desired schedule progress within scope of work.
  • Reviews status reports prepared by project personnel and modify schedules or plans as required.
  • Prepare project reports for management or client.
  • Conduct on-site inspections and prepare initial personnel assignments for approval.
  • Work with other vendors/subcontractors to ensure coordination of activities.
  • Establish and maintain on-going client relationships with various contacts to anticipate and resolve challenges and customer service issues associated with specific projects.
  • Maintain any/all relevant project files.
  • Monitor company-owned equipment and inventory.
  • Assist in developing and building client relationships for long term stability and consistency.
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