Training & Development

The Kane Family of Companies

As our employees grow, so grows the company. The Kane Company strongly encourages, supports and assists employees in the ongoing development of professional and personal skills through continuing education and training.

The Kane Development Center was created to provide employees in-house training programs and access to external professional development resources. Whether an employee wishes to improve existing skills or add new ones, we make sure they have the resources necessary to perform at their best in their current role. In addition, the company fully supports promotion from within and encourages employees to develop those skills necessary for advancement.


New Hire Orientation Program

We want to learn about you. And we want you to learn about us. We think it’s so important we schedule a full-day New Hire Orientation program within the first weeks of employment. We’ll introduce you to other Team Kane employees. We’ll ask you to sit and enjoy a feature length film— Rudy, the story of one person’s passion to attain a seemingly impossible goal. We’ll introduce you to our corporate culture, organizational structure, reporting relationships, business objectives and company policies and procedures. We want you to see how you fit into the framework of the organization. We want you to be successful.


Excellence in Management— “Best in Class” Management Practices

If you enter The Kane Company as a manager, or are promoted into a management position, we offer the “Excellence in Management” program for continued skill development. This comprehensive program is designed to provide managers with a solid foundation of interpersonal job-related skills focused on the Team Kane philosophy. As a company, we actively promote enhanced performance and productivity and we encourage efficiencies through a participatory management culture. Coaching and mentoring is more than a concept— it’s a driving force.


Individual Employee Development Programs

The inclusion of external training programs through nationally recognized vendors is an important way we address individualized and/or specialized training and development needs. Outside programs include Business Writing and/or Grammar Skills, Time Management/Organizational Skills, Communication Skills, Project Management Training, Customer Service and Sales Skills and a variety of computer software classes.

Additional programs are offered on an ongoing basis to train employees in the following business-specific skills-based areas:

  • Forklift Training
  • Rigging Training
  • Driver Certification Training Program
  • Installation Basics
  • Installation Supervisor Training
  • Move Supervisor Training
  • Moving Ahead Training Program — Basic Moving Skills